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Privacy Policy

In your correspondence please indicate the location on The Indohotels Booking System Websites (Indohotels.id) where you provided your Personal Information with as much detail as possible. Inaccurate description may cause delay in processing your request.
In the event the Purposes for Processing change, then PT Indohotels Booking System will notify you as soon as practicable and where required seek your consent. PT Indohotels Booking System may change the Website Policy from time to time. Each use of The Indohotels Booking System Websites will publish the most current version of the Privacy Policy informing you of any changes.

  • There are no consequences where you do not provide Optional Information that is not necessary for the Purposes.
  • There are no consequences for indicating by way of your consent the Purposes for which your Personal Information may be processed.
  • For further information please visit our Terms and Conditions page.
  • Third-party web sites to which The Indohotels Booking Sytem Websites (Indohotels.id) or any other PT Indohotels Booking System Site may link have separate privacy policies and data collection practices. PT Indohotels Booking System is neither responsible for the content of such web sites nor for such privacy and collection practices.
  • If you have not agreed to our Terms and Conditions, you may not use, access, or submit information to The Indohotels Booking System Websites (Indohotels.id).